Little Jagger - Children's bedding and interiors

The Idea

The idea for Little Jagger began to formulate while on maternity leave with my first baby. Wanting to decorate the nursery before knowing whether having a boy or a girl lead me to realise that it's difficult to come across cool, unisex childrens goods. Which got me thinking...Cool things for little people.

The idea to make cool kids clothing, accessories and nursery items and stock the coolest independent companies I can find!!

The idea behind the name, well its my surname, and a pretty cool one!! 

The dream...Eventually to own my own little shop in a village in Huddersfield where I can sew in my own 'Little Jagger' haven!!


The cool. Anything totally amazing.

Style & Quality

As a trained Savile Row tailor the make and quality of the products I offer is a top priority, and I want to pass on only the best products I can find. Supporting independent designers and makers I hope you will love all that is on offer as much as I do!! Thoughtfully chosen, beautifully made stylish children's fashions and accessories all chosen by me.